What is White Label Reseller Hosting?


Perhaps we should ask ~ What does White Label mean first? White Label products and services are those which are offered without any makers/providers labeling. Such white label products and services are subsequently available for other persons or organisations to add their own labelling and branding to. White Label is a name that comes from the image of an unmarked white label being placed on a product that a purchaser or reseller can then mark with their own name and brand. The Wiki article on the term 'White Label' goes further to record the history of the expression as having originated to the use of white labeled vinyl records by Disc Jockeys.

White Labeling has been a popular form of supply and marketing for many years now, with supermarkets being a prime example of its success. Popular producers offer their products and services with no labeling or branding to supermarkets who slap their own labels and branding on making the popular supermarket brands that we see so much of today.

The good thing about white labeling is that the marketer can offer a wide range of products and services to their clients without the extended cost of infrastructure involved in creating and distributing those products and services.

White Label Web Hosting

White Label Web Hosting follows this method and offers unbranded web hosting services and products to anyone who wants to operate their own web hosting business whilst their customers will be unaware that the products and services are provided by another existing and established web hosting company.

There are many web hosting providers who offer reseller web hosting, but whois lookups or traceroutes (tracerts) on nameservers and IP addresses reveal who the provider of the service is. They also brand their control panels with their hosting company name, leaving the end provider open to the possibility that the client will reconsider who they should buy the service from.

With white label web hosting it is possible for anyone to run their own web hosting business, while they rent or buy the actual web server space and services from an established provider. They do not have to take on the huge investment in any of the components that make up a web hosting service such as web servers, network connections, data centre staff, server administrators, server support technicians and web server software and system licenses. The cost is therefore kept very low allowing the reseller to make substantial margins on the products they can then brand and sell as their own.

UK White Label Reseller Web Hosting offers this service ~ web hosting providers can benefit from our established business and strong infrastructure combined with powerful, popular and stable web server and hosting software solutions. IP addresses have reverse DNS set to an anonymous name (whois data reveals nothing relating to us as the provider by name or address, control panels do not have our brand name on them and the web host can indeed add their own graphics and change the layout and options available. Web hosts can also benefit from having their own nameservers set up for their clients to use for their domains when using their service, adding to the concept of the products and services being their own and not ours.

Web hosts can also benefit from our anonymous shared SSL service so that their clients can enter their control panels securely through the https protocol. And our clients can create and offer their own custom web hosting plans together with free retail and reseller eNom accounts (which allow them to resell domains to their clients using the popular eNom API which is white labelled or directly through sub accounts).

Together with our highly competitive pricing structure, this all makes it easy to make substantial profit margins from creating and running you own web hosting business. All you would have to do is create your own brand, graphics, web site and content and add your branding to the control panels we provide you to provide to your clients.

We have the highly acclaimed cPanel software installed on all of our white label web servers. cPanel is highly regarded for its web based branding system which allows you to add your own logos, change the appearance and layout of control panels and also offer your clients a number of different control panel designs. You can even create your very own bespoke control panel with a completely individual design and layout.



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